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I collect 12" [GI] Joe-class action figures, regardless of genre, for use as "lay figures." The majority of my males are Hasbro's Classic Collection GI Joe.

a.k.a. Joe_Poser
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Robin Hood
The Scarlet Pimpernel
El Zorro

The Lone Ranger
Super Chicken

King Arthur's
Knights of the Round Table
"Doc" Savage, Man of Bronze

Captain America
Jason Bourne
"The Great Leslie" Gallant III
from The Great Race
Angus MacGyver
Mr. Incredible
Cordell Walker, Texas Ranger

The Three Musketeers
The A-Team
Hogan's Heroes
I Spy
Lightning Force
Stargate SG-1
The Unit

Jackie Chan
Douglas Fairbanks
Bruce Lee
Jet Li
Arnold Schwarzenegger
John Wayne

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My Latest KENNY-MAX...

Introducing Chuck...
(Photo by maywong)

My Joe Jargon

action doll: n. A redressable action figure, technically speaking, an ARTHROPLANG.

action figure: n. A posable figure, technically speaking, an ARTHRANDRIANT.

Action Man: n. any of the following:

  • Action Man I: Palitoy's vintage painthead, a.k.a. a VAM [Vintage AM];
  • Action Man II: Palitoy's vintage fuzzhead, a.k.a. Adam [ADventurer AM];
  • Action Man III: the CGI-based figure, a.k.a. Cam [CGI AM], known elsewhere as Modern Action Man [MAM] or Hasbro Action Man [HAM].

artiKen: n. An articulated version of Mattel's male fashion doll, Ken.

CC: abbr. Classic Collection, a line of 12" Hasbro GI Joes made in the 1990s. They were anonymous figures recalling the original series, but with better sculpting and articulation. They were released as both paintheads and fuzzheads. Super-Articulated (abbreviated SA) is an improved version.

Earl: n. An Ertl "joe."

fashion doll: n. A redressable figure with minimal articulation, technically speaking, an ESTHETOPLANG.

foot-: adj. pref. 12-inch (scale), as in:

  • footman: a 12" male figure;
  • footsoldier: a 12" military figure.

fuzzhead: n. An action doll with flocked hair, usually male.

GI ?: title. Shorthand for a WARDOLL [esp. an American], such as:

  • GI DRAKE- A Dragon figure [Drake means "Dragon"],
  • GI FITZ- A Soldier of the World figure [made by Formative International Toys],
  • GI KEN- A militarized artiKen,
  • GI LUC- A Lanard Ultra Corps [L.U.C.] figure (aka GI Lenny),
  • GI MAX- A militarized Max Steel,
  • GI PETE- A Power Team figure [from PT, shortened to one syllable, like "jeep"],
  • [GI] SAM- 21st Century's Ultimate Soldier [from Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine],
  • GI WALLY- A WalMart [Kid Connection] figure or similar generic.

green aisle: n. The [GI] Joe-related aisle, as in a toy store [from its militaristic emphasis].
green-aisle adj.

jane: n. a. Any playscale FEMFIG [female action doll], genericized from b. (Cap.) [Hasbro's] GI Jane, such as:

  • GI JANE: n. Any militarized, PAINTHEAD or FUZZHEAD "jane."

-Jo: n. suff. Designating a militarized FEMFIG [fem. form of Joe], as in:

  • BARBIE-JO: n. A militarized artiBabs, aka GI Babs.
    also, Sarah-Jo, Ellie-Jo

joe: n. a. Any playscale MANDOLL [a.k.a. a FOOTMAN], genericized from b. (Cap.) [Hasbro's] GI Joe, such as:

  • GI JOE: n. Any painthead or militaristic "joe."
  • GQ JOE: n. Any "joe" used as a male fashion doll. See variations at "G.I." above.
  • KENNY-JOE: n. A [Mattel] KEN-headed "joe."

ken: n. Any playscale male fashion doll, aka a BEAU [genericized from Mattel's figure].

Kenny-: pref. [Of MANDOLLS] Having a (Mattel) Ken head, such as:

  • Kenny-Max: n. An artiKEN using the Max Steel body.

Kenwear: n. Playscale male civvies, esp. activewear. Suits can be thought of as Carsonis... [originally created for Mattel's Ken (Carson) doll].

mandoll: n. A male action doll, technically speaking, an ANDRIANTOPLANG; humorously, mandollie.

painthead: n. An action doll with sculpted hair, usually male.

roothead: n. An action doll with rooted hair, usually female.

Sextilian: n. A 1/6th-scale figure, particularly a male one. [Lat. sextilis, "one sixth" + -ian]

sextilianist: n. A playscale figure miniaturist.

Sextiliano: n. An unambiguous term for a male playscale figure, esp. a well-muscled one. [from Span. masc. ending, -o]

Tommy: n. Tommy Gunn, an early competitor for VAM, from Pedigree Toys, Ltd.

wardoll: n. Any militarized action doll (usually male) sometimes referred to humorously as a wardollie.

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